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image When you visit a site, you want to see it right away not wait. We're not in the days of dial up, so why should your website be?

When looking for host, you want a site that loads with lightening speed. You also want a connection you can rely upon.

When you get hosting with Potassium Web your website is hosted on a state of art dual fibre connection, with a direct link to the UK backbone connection.
This means even with hundreds of visitors your site won't slow down.

Your site will be hosted in London, connected to a BGP4 routed, MPLS-enabled network which spans three countries using the latest technology from Cisco and Juniper.
Data bandwidth is purchased from Tier-1 carriers peering with networks such as BT, Virgin Media/NTL:telewest, Janet and more.

With a fibre optic connection to the main UK backbone connection, your site will load at the best possible speed anywhere in the UK or the World.

At Potassium Web we don't offer huge amounts of bandwidth, like other providers because we feel that speed and connection quality are better than quantity.
For designer sites with high graphics and large images, slow connection speeds will make the site slow to load and sluggish to use.
Where as with the connection we offer images will load in the shortest time possible.

The powerful admin panel allows you to change all the settings of your site, from databases to emails, from sub-domains to error pages.
Also included is a user friendly and easy to use application installer package. This allows you to install popular blog, forum, gallery and visitor book software.

Potassium Web supports:
Apache, .htaccess inc custom error pages and redirects
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